Growing up a creative (and hungry) kid in Texas, little Dougie often daydreamed of cakes, cookies and basically anything that he could cover with frosting. Quite often he’d skip the baked good altogether and go straight for the frosting, which explains his unfortunate need for Husky jeans during most of his childhood… and why there were never enough icing packets for the Toaster Strudels. Sorry mom!  

A major influence from an early age was his grandmother, Zettie Belle, who always had something scrumptious baking when he came to visit. Being that she lived just across the street, he visited her often. Very often. From breads and bundts to pies and pastries, Dougie (who was not so “little” anymore) happily ate his way through childhood. With the help of sweet Zettie, he learned to appreciate classic desserts and traditional flavors. Most of all, he learned that the most important ingredient to any recipe is love. Well, that, and butter.

Fast forward several years later, far from Texas and Husky jeans, opportunity came knocking while Doug was pursuing a Broadway career in New York City. When propositioned by one of his best friends to create a cake for her upcoming wedding (which he had NO idea how to do), Doug began a journey of self-teaching and experimentation through the world of cake artistry. His journey soon turned into a passion as he continued to hone his skills with each creation. Doug eventually attended The Institute of Culinary Education in New York City where he studied under renown Master Chef-Instructor Toba Garrett. Not long after, Doug traded in his wool coat and tap shoes for sunshine and spatulas when he moved to Los Angeles.


Chef Doug Stewart is currently based in Playa Del Rey, CA where he lives with his dog, Copper, and serves the greater Los Angeles area